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 Q. Can you seal a wet driveway? 

No, it can’t. Driveway sealer cannot adhere to wet surfaces, so your drive must not be wet 24 hours before sealing. Make sure your lawn sprinklers are turned off and do not have your lawn treated within one week prior to sealing.

 Q. Do I need to take time off from work to get it done? 

We advise against taking time off because our work is weather-dependent and sometimes we have to reschedule.

 Q. What is a good time to have sealcoating or paving done? 

When temperatures are consistently above 50F degrees.

 Q. What if it rains before my work is completed? 

If you’re scheduled on a day where its going to rain, we’ll get in contact with you about rescheduling as soon as possible, likely the morning work was due to be performed. We will try our best to fit you into the schedule as soon as possible, but we’re often limited by our previous scheduling commitments.

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